“Despite the present decrease in demand, new opportunities are also emerging in this industry. The business scenario is changing at high speed. To achieve different results is necessary to do different things. The challenge is not simply to change but to change quickly. This may require organizational and cultural changes to reinvent oneself, with an optimum combination of size and flexibility. An effective, efficient operation in conjunction with an excellent attitude of service at all times remains a must. It is not only a matter of good management but also one of leadership”
VITRAC Consulting.

Air Transport

In addition to the above general activities, which are also applicable to air transport business, we specialize in specific activities for the air transport industry, such as:

  • Analytical application of the fundamental equation for the airline business in order to determine items of priority attention and action.
  • Identification of competitive advantages, both general and specific. Assessment of competitors and market analysis.
  • Identification of new markets, routes, opportunities and products. Identification of sensitive points that provide a premium difference.
  • Innovation and changes in business models.
  • Network versus point-to-point operation.
  • Strategic alliances process among airlines.
  • Merger and acquisition processes: optimum configuration and alternatives. Application of induction and convergence methods.
  • Project, creation and start-up of new airlines. Business plan, including fleet evaluation for decision making, and organization design. Efficient, effective and results-oriented, with efficient processes and efficient functional and labor relations.
  • IT systems as strategic tool for market access, marketing and sales.
  • Overlapping and cross-feeding between business and leisure market segments.
  • New low-cost carriers and their effect on the system.
  • Analysis and evaluation of investments in airlines.
  • Engineering and maintenance: plans, programs and planning.
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