VITRAC’s credibility rests on professionalism, attitude and commitment to our clients.

Main Clients

    Industria del turismo

    Most of VITRAC’s clients are returning customers. A solid, professional relationship has been built with our clients throughout the years, establishing confidence based on trust. Our clients’ trust is our greatest satisfaction.

    Some examples include:
    • Several domestic, European and intercontinental airlines.
    • Private and public institutions in relation to the air transport industry, airports management and changes in tourism industry.
    • Government agencies in relation to the air transport industry and airport management.
    • Several airports.
    • Airport corporations.
    • Aeronautical industry.
    • Hotel groups.

    Services performed

    Some examples include:
    • Complete process of creation and start-up of several airlines, both European and intercontinental. Business plan.
    • Change and/or innovation of business model for airlines, from charter to scheduled business. Strategic transition plan.
    • Fleet evaluation analysis to expand operations.
    • Business Plan for intercontinental expansion, considering network strategy.
    • Study to establish a night network for air mail and cargo.
    • Study to analyze and evaluate the air transport trends in the European Union and the world
    • Operational requirements and implications involved in air transport public service for inter-islands network.
    • Marketing strategies in airport management to attract the operation of airlines.
    • Conceptual and strategic definition for intercontinental hub operation to face airport challenges in the future.
    • Strategic plan for several airports.
    • Analysis and evaluation of several airport management and governance patterns in the world.
    • Co-management models for airports allowing regional and local institutions to participate in airport management and governance. Opportunities for joint strategies between airport and region.
    • Viability studies to set-up hangars for major maintenance.
    • Operational viability studies for heliports
    • Strategic studies and plans to apply new patterns for tourism business and their relationship with air transport and airport management. Joint strategies for mutual benefit. Synergies.
    • Strategic plans for tourism business and hotel management.

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