“Behaviour and stimulus of demand, technology and distribution systems are all changing in this industry. The traditional buyers-market is now becoming a sellers-market: instead of awaiting tourists coming to buy, the industry must go to sell. Reconversion may be necessary. A good product is no longer enough to succeed: new strategies are required, where air transport is a crucial factor to provide good and stable access for tourists. An optimum, joint strategy between the government agencies and the tourism industry is essential”
VITRAC Consulting.


  • Changes in business models.
  • Identification of news opportunities and new products.
  • New approaches of tourism business considering the support and links of air transport.
  • Strategies to break seasonality.
  • Reshaping and restructuring the strategy for hotels and resorts business.
  • Tourism business versus respect for the environment: common strategies for mutual benefit and sustainability.
  • Hotels and Resorts investment analysis.
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