“A well-designed and well-managed airport helps that airlines can be competitive. A joint strategy between the airport and the region is necessary to optimize mutual benefits. A good airport is well integrated in a sustainable environment, with suitable intermodal ground access. A well-designed airport is friendly and simple, with minimum operating costs and minimum time-process for airplanes, passengers and baggage. The airport should seize the business opportunities generated by the industry and the activity of the airport community”
VITRAC Consulting.


  • Master plan and conceptual design of airports.
  • Management and strategic plans.
  • Privatization and/or local co-management processes for airports.
  • Processes involving local and/or regional institutions in airports governance.
  • Change from traditional concept of infrastructure/airport system operation to the management concept of the airport as a business entity to serve customers (mainly airlines and passengers).
  • Marketing oriented to airlines in order to attract their operation as customers of the airport.
  • Partnership culture between airports and airlines in order to generate value for both.
  • Hub management policy as a feeder and distribution system.
  • Analysis of operational capacity, functionality and versatility.
  • Analysis and projects of handling.
  • Airport investments oriented to improve efficiency and competitiveness for airlines.
  • Strategic involvement and understanding between the airport and the region: joint strategic policy for mutual benefit. Identification of new routes to stimulate and expand the region economy.
  • Analysis and evaluation of investments in airports.
  • Processes to simplify designs and procedures in order to increase capacity, improve service quality and reduce costs.
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