We are committed to honesty, integrity, professionalism and attitude towards our clients. We help to transform the client’s reality into one that is more optimistic and sustainable. VITRAC’s priority is to do things well and that our clients implement the right solutions in the right way. We are committed to expanding our knowledge on a daily basis to offer it to our clients. Our goal is to earn our client’s trust and maintain it at the highest level.

Company culture

Industria del turismo


  • Generating value in an ethical way
  • Generating value in an ethical way To help generate value, to seize opportunities in a positive and ethical way, trying to convert crisis into opportunities. Providing beneficial approaches from an economical, social and environmental standpoint.
  • Professionalism and commitment
  • Professionalism and commitment Professionalism, attitude and both personal and team commitment are the keys to providing high quality, consistent and complete service, meeting the requirements of the client beyond their expectations.
  • Doing things well
  • Doing things well In a competitive environment, all aim to be the best. However, we believe that being the best may not mean to be excellent but just to be better than the second one. VITRAC’s priority is to do things well and to be known and recognized for excellent work. In any case, we strive to be second to none in our field.
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Honesty and integrity At VITRAC we perform our work with enthusiasm, with a deep belief in what we are doing. We only accept those projects that are viable and that we can do well. We rule out any project that does not make sense or that we are not fully prepared to complete with full commitment and guarantee.
  • Open mind
  • Open mind To be open-minded and in touch with reality, willing to learn every day.
  • Passion for improvement
  • Passion for improvement Our passion is for improvement, and to encourage entrepreneurs to build positive and sustainable realities; to do the right thing and to do it the right way. We share the thought of Shakespeare about the inner force that drives humans beings: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on…”.
  • Life wisdom
  • Life wisdom In Greece there are two thousand-year-old inscriptions that say: “know yourself” and “do nothing in excess”. And also in California we read once: “Love, harmony, honesty, respect, manners, hard work”. We strive to make these principles, both ancient and modern, part of the company culture of VITRAC.
  • Straightforward solutions
  • Straightforward solutions We provide effective solutions whose importance is not measured by the volume of paper they fill. We provide concise, accurate and clear analysis and solutions that go directly to the core of the issues, giving priority to contents and quality rather than quantity, but without disregarding any important detail.
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Collaboration agreements VITRAC has collaboration agreements with other related consultancy firms, both domestic and international, and with some major universities.
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