Provide solutions that generate positive results. We provide solutions that allow our clients to compete with enthusiasm, imagination, creativity, high efficiency and effectiveness. Our solutions contribute to generate wealth and well-being, consistent with a sustainable environment. We propose flexible strategies, ready to innovate and prepared for change.

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  • Good solutions
  • Good solutions To provide first-rate solutions for clients from a wide variety of industries, and particularly for those from the air transport industry, airport management and the tourism business; solutions that become generators of wealth and well-being, performed in a correct, efficient and environmentally sustainable way.
  • Effective solutions and profits
  • Effective solutions and profits To provide effective solutions that generate results, with real profits and emotional benefits for our clients; which can lend soundness, self-confidence and vitality to the client organization as it faces new challenges.
  • The customer perspective
  • The customer perspective To provide solutions from the client’s point of view, specially designed to fit their requirements. These may include new approaches, proposals and solutions which might widen the scope of initial requirements or options.
  • Flexible strategies
  • Flexible strategies We propose flexible strategies: in a world in constant motion and continuous learning, strategies must not be static but dynamic and flexible in order to adapt to changes and to make timely, accurate adjustments. Flexible strategies, easy to adapt, ready to innovate, prepared for change.
  • Minimum entropy processes
  • Minimum entropy processes We shape processes of minimum entropy that are strictly efficient, avoiding unnecessary complications and generating simplicity. We also maintain a close relationship with the customer in the solutions implementation process.
  • Simplification
  • Simplification Sometimes, problems in business go hand in hand with confusion. VITRAC brings clarity and simplification to problems. Our experience in managing complex systems enables us to simplify and to distill issues into simple terms. This helps to avoid confusion, generate better communication and convey understanding of the client’s business problem and how it can be solved.
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Creativity and innovation Emphasis on creativity and innovation: to achieve different results it is necessary to do different things. This requires one to look carefully inside and outside the business reality, with an attitude that is open to change.
  • Optimum Balance
  • Optimum Balance To establish and determine strategic approaches that provide an optimum balance among the customers, the human resources and the economics of the client organization. Overemphasizing one of the sides of this triangle may jeopardize the other two, unbalancing the entire system.
  • System approach
  • System approach Business units and corporate strategy are managed under a systems approach, so that they fit together for mutual benefit. When considering solutions for a partial area of the client organization, we apply a systems approach as well: any partial solution must contribute properly and fit closely into the global strategy of the organization.
  • The external world
  • The external world We believe that all strategy is driven by an accurate perception of society, the market and competitors -the crucial externality-, which in turn defines what is required to implement it. Our starting point is to evaluate the external world in relation to what the client intends to do, trying to match the two in a feasible and effective way while managing the differences between what one has versus what one should have to achieve the client’s objectives.
  • Boundary conditions
  • Boundary conditions Similar problems within organizations of the same industry but in different environments may require different solutions. Solutions that were successful in one context may be useless in another. At VITRAC, we believe that what is relative must not be converted into an “absolute”. Rather, the specific conditions of each case must be considered, taking into account the boundary conditions derived from the local environment.
  • Accessory vs. essential
  • Accessory vs. essential To establish a clear differentiation between what is accessory from what is essential, distinguishing between these two concepts at all times and establishing priorities accordingly.
  • Creative debate
  • Creative debate To promote creative debates over the best possible solutions and different options; and to quickly determine what is not convenient to do.
  • Partnership with the client
  • Partnership with the client To establish a solid relationship of cooperation and partnership with the client in establishing and implementing solutions. Gaining the client’s trust is VITRAC’s greatest satisfaction.
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